The Professional Portfolio of Patrick Higgins, Jr.

Professional Development Resources

Classes Taught:

  • The Lecture is Dead.  Long Live the Lecture!
  • Seeing the Thinking Behind The Writing
  • Creating a Personal Learning Network
  • The TED Series
  • Teaching with Your Interactive Whiteboard
  • Using UnitedStreaming in your Classroom
  • Writing with the MySpace Generation
  • Do you Wiki? Introduction to Wikis in the Classroom
  • The Power of Google
  • Welcome To Web 2.0: Introduction to the Read/Write Web
  • Digital Storytelling in the High School Classroom
  • Social Bookmarking with
  • Connective Writing: How the Internet is Changing the Way we Communicate
  • Using Wikis to Extend the Walls of your Classroom
  • Web 2.0 Teaching Strategies
  • Google School: How to Plan, Implement and Create Using Google for educators
  • Research 2.0 with RSS: how to Get Information to find you.
  • Sparta Tech Leaders: An Administrator’s Introduction to Social Learning



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